SPRING, 2011

THANK YOU!!! You have all made our first season at the farm a lot of fun and we've been having a great time not only selling the strawberries but meeting SO VERY MANY WONDERFUL PEOPLE!! This has turned into a much more personal endeavor than we could have ever hoped for! We have found so many old friends, made so many new friends and connected with relatives we never dreamed of seeing! The number of people that came out to pick was tremendous!

MARCH 2012

Due to the mildest winter in recent memory, the strawberries are just blooming out all over! We already have berries that are half red! We are estimating that we will have some ripe ones around MARCH 20TH! We have 12,000 plants this year - last year was 10,000!! We have been able to expand a little and are going to offer much more produce this year. Please check our growing schedule on our home page. We are looking forward to even more visitors this year thanks to all of you that met us last year! Word has spread quickly and for that we are extremely grateful. Please come see us soon!